Legal Path and Timeline

*Legal Path/Timeline *

• Entered the US October 1993 with “Organization” helping him, via Robert E. Porges, Atty disbarred and convicted; jailed

• Applies for Asylum through Porges (smuggling ring) Never notified to appear at hearing after being forced to run-a-way by the “organization” Deportation #1

• Comes to Boston 1993

• Prior Atty. Porges reapplies for asylum under new number, never informs Kong of hearing. Kong does not appear in court . He is never informed. INS sends notices to Attorney’s office. Deportation order #2. (in and around 1993-to 97)

• Kong applies and receives a social security number legally 1995

• Kong doesn’t hear anything from Immigration until 2011 when they arrest him and ship him to Alabama. Detained for almost 90 days

• December 2011 Community gets involved Free Kong Now.

• 2012 Kong released from prison and community rallies with Benefit

• 2012 Kong applies for a “Stay of Removal” and is it is granted. New attorney sends a Request for a Motion to Re Open his case. Government never responds.

• 2013 “Stay of Removal” applied for and granted

• 2014 “Stay of Removal” applied for and granted

• 2015 “Stay of Removal” applied for and granted

• 2016 “Stay of Removal” applied for and granted

• 2017 “Stay of Removal” applied for and DENIED

• Kong will report to ICE check in with ticket in hand November 1st, 2017

* Kong reports ICE Burlington with ticket in hand on November 1, 2017 and told to report back January 31, 2018 (delay for deportation)

Actions being taken:

Attorney Josh Goldstein filing to Re-open Kong’s case and preparing for waivers etc. if re opening the case is not granted.

Community planning a Benefit, Petition for Mass State legislators and President Trump, establishing a gofundme account and driving a nationwide petition on to help others in this situation.

* Please Note, Author has done her best to report the facts based on what she has seen from the government file or been advised. Thank you