Kong's Story

Kong today is a 43 year old man who has lived, worked and raised his family for the past 24 years here in the US, specifically Massachusetts. Kong migrated to the US from China arriving to Puerto Rico Shores in 1993. He was 19 years old. He traveled 8 months to get to his freedom. It cost his many family members and neighbors $30,000.00 to get him here taking them nearly 10 years to pay off the debt. Kong’s freedom was important to many of his family. It would give hope for the next generations. Kong lived in extreme poverty in a country setting of China. There was no work and therefor food was scarce. He had no rights or government who could help his family. He had no freedom of speech or access to government benefits or programs. He needed to come to the US to get work. At 19 that was his only thought; work = food and survival. Kong was told many stories about what freedom looked like. I venture to guess his favorite; “The American Dream.” Kong’s story is where he himself is the main character, the hero, the man who is the “American Dream” and what makes America great.   See if you agree.

Kong’s trip would last 8 months to get from China to the coast of Puerto Rico. He would be in Moscow and South America laying over to wait for the boat. He would then be put on a small boat and sent out to the ocean.  He would almost perish 3 times trying to reach America. Kong would be physically ill from much of this trip as he was deprived of food, water, safety etc. He was running for his life, trying to be free, using every bit of courage he could to escape a world where he only knew oppression. His courage seen by his people to take on such a feat knowing what could happen to him if he was caught. He persevered with a teenage mind and body. He did what he was told to do by his family and village. You see, Kong is about honor. “Honor” meaning sacrifice, courage and seeking a good life not for yourself but for those you love and for those to come. Sounds like my great grandparents…

Anyways upon arriving, INS (now known as ICE) arrested him on the shores. The ICE agents arrested him, sent him to Michigan and put him in a foster care system through the church. Kong spoke no English.  In the perceived safety of this home he was called by a family member and told, “You must leave or members of our family will be killed or badly hurt.” Kong was told he must run away from the system to get to his NY attorney who was making him legal. If he did not they would be seriously injuring his family here in the US and home in China. Kong ran away without hesitation. He was in fear, travelling quickly to get to Boston.  Kong found work in a restaurant all the while paying off his “lawyer”, a corrupt criminal. These people in America were holding Kong’s family essentially ransom both here on US territory and in China. The lawyer (Please see attached news articles) was leading a scam directed at the poor and hopeless in Kong’s region of China. Kong was one of his many victims.

 Kong’s "organization", the one promising him and his family the American Dream and his (what I call) “ransom” got him a court date and some papers filed but it never got him notification of a court date; He never made it to the meeting nor did his lawyer hence Deportation order #1. Kong tries again to get his papers. with the same attorney. A few years later his paperwork is filed again and again no notification. He never goes to court because he never knew he was supposed to; Deportation #2. The scum bag attorney (Please see articles attached) never notified him. All INS and court mail was going directly to the attorney. Kong unknowing was in the middle of one of the biggest criminal, smuggling rings in the US.    Kong only found out about this until two weeks ago and now has a better understanding of why his court dates were missed and messed up. “I try to do everything right” he will say. He never understood why he was never told the dates. He never knew his attorney was a bad man or convicted of serious crimes against Kong and many. He only knew the people in charge of his life in China and the US could injure or kill his family at any time if he did not cooperate. The people involved were both American and Chinese. So Kong waited for his paperwork, never receiving anything, never hearing anything, hanging out there in limbo, working 60 – 80 hours a week in restaurants. Eventually he would fall in love with Ping, a naturalized citizen from his Provence in China.  The two married and now have two beautiful children, 13 years old, and 8 years old. 

Ping and the children are American citizens. Because there was an outstanding warrant for Deportation on Kong in Immigration in NYC it nullifies his citizenship of being an automatic legal citizen. Yet there is no way to fix this situation with an easy fix. Legislation doesn’t provide help for these unique situations without returning to one's original country.  This would cause hardship and possible danger to Kong. . And as for Kong, he is the hardest working, good man, I have known in my life. I would stake every breath of my reputation, money and my blessed children that there are few better human beings on this planet. 

Kong has only honored his family, friends, and US country his last 24 years of life here in the US. I am sickened by this situation. There is no justice for this situation. Kong’s only crime was running from oppression and persecution and trusting the wrong people. He was 19!!! I think of the average US 19 year old today.  Kong had the weight of constant fear and oppression….

Please who of you would not run or try and escape for freedom? Who of you would have the courage? Kong has lived in fear every day since escaping his birthright (meaning no rights).  The justice system and Americans posing to help people like him were just stealing from him, threatening him and keeping him a prisoner. Why would Kong truly expect any different than that? He had lived with that his entire life. But one thing Kong did know, He could work and he could eat and he could help provide for his family and that was good enough. He was thankful for that and still is. He accepts his destiny. He doesn’t want anyone going out of the way for him to help his cause. He only wants his family to be safe and eventually be able to be with him.

 Two governments and their imperfections have controlled his destiny, two very bad people both American citizens controlled his fate in the US court system. All of these things have let this American family down.  See our links to articles surrounding Kong's Story