The Free Kong Committee, made up of concerned active citizens, is a group of private citizens who want their voices heard.  Kong and family of Kong Xin Chen are truly appreciative of our assistance.  This family, however is asking for nothing other than the love and support of their community.  It is the community, solely looking for donations and exercising their rights as American citizens to aid fellow community members in their suffering and persecution of a system that is broken.  We believe it is our duty to awaken the American public on the issues currently involving the US immigration system. We are not blaming any political party or administration.  We are only asking for assistance from the government to help these individuals to have the opportunity to legalize their individual immigration situations and act humanely with legislation that will protect families from being divided.  We recognize the employees of ICE are only doing their jobs and are following executive orders.  We do ask that local ICE offices exercise their Prosecutorial Discretion in a humane manner and do not deport citizens who are noncriminals, that have lived in the US for many years and that are spouses and parents to American citizens. We pray for justice, we speak out for justice and we act for justice. President Trump and legislators please hear our cry.  Our families are counting on you to do what is right and act justly while re exploring and amending our immigration laws.  We believe in our great Democracy and expect as it moves forward it will bring justice for all.