About the Free Kong Committee

Marshfield and Duxbury Massachusetts residents joined together in 2012 to rally for Kong Xin Chen who was arrested by INS, Immigration and Naturalization services, which is now known as ICE.  Our letter campaign, media campaign and fundraiser all were factors in his release from an Alabama State Immigration Prison.  Since that time Kong was released through "Prosecutorial Discretion" under a "Stay of Removal." Kong has applied and has been approved of this stay every year since until now.  In September of 2017 this "Stay of Removal" was denied.  This is a major blow to our community! We need to help this family!  "Prosecutorial discretion is the authority of an agency or officer to decide what charges to bring and how to pursue each case. A law-enforcement officer who declines to pursue a case against a person has favorably exercised prosecutorial discretion."

Primary Contacts/Committee Leaders

Lynda & Jeff  Lambert  781-500-1177

Cynthia Cooper 781-820-2977

Jessica Cooper 781-635-3334

Cecelia Delgadillo 570-460-7119

Michael Golden

Bea Ellis

Lynne Ann Habel-Murphy 781-500-9579