Father and husband to American Citizens being Deported

This is an urgent situation.  Our friend and neighbor, Kong Xin Chen is being deported by our government by December 1, 2017.  We are in fear for his safety and his family's future. We are humbly asking all branches of the US legislature and President Trump to hear our cry.  Please make the law work for our good, non criminal, tax paying partially documented immigrants who are in the US without legal papers.   Our friend, Kong Xin Chen is a husband to an American citizen and a father to two American citizens.  He has owned and operated a business (Chinese Restaurant) and has cooperated with the government. Kong has lived in the US for 24 years, longer than he lived in China.  Kong is trying to secure his legalization. He received two deportation orders in absentia when failing to go to a hearing.  Kong was never notified by his attorney of these hearings.  This attorney now a known felon who was human trafficking and Kong one of his victims.  We graciously ask the US Government to Re Open his case and reconsider his status. 




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Our Mission

Our goal as a Committee is to help Kong Re Open His Case; to obtain a  fair review and secure his status here in the US.